• Cowboys’ and Cowgirl: another drive
    Atongla RothrongSad but true, this time the three amigo’s could not get together for the entire week and woe was me for fate putting upon us so small a heavy weight. I swear they were missed and I too believe
  • You can make a difference
    Lanu ChangOne of the most inspiring lessons that I got in life is to believe in oneself that everyone has the capacity and capability to bring or to make a difference in the society we live. Either to make a di
  • Eureka!!! Naga brain cracks Einstein’s theory
    Morung Express NewsN. Nyimthungo Lotha, officially the richest Lok Sabha candidate as recorded by the Election Commission of India, has brought forward a document in writing that claims that he has formulated E
  • A chopper act
    Sothing ShimrayOne early  morning, to be precise at 7:00 AM, my cell phone woke me up  early to the call of my senior colleague from Imphal informing me that the Chief Minister is coming to my area in
  • Walking on a moonless hasty night
    Atongla RothrongWatching people of all shapes and sizes fight, all for a change of color in their belt may be worth it for the person concerned. But for the lesser few like me and the rest of the fraternity it
  • The story of a little girl whom everyone forgot about
    Jungtina JamirLet me tell you a simple story about a little girl whom everyone forgot about. Meet ‘Hope’. Not her real name though. But let’s just call her ‘Hope’ as we walk through her story. You see
  • Westernization and Modernization
    Peter ChacheiThe present development in our society is drifting more towards westernization rather than modernization which might have a bad impression on our generation or its citizens. Westernization and mode
  • My ‘dr(ea)um’ machine
    Jungtina JamirWhen I was young, as in very young, I used to wonder what made the ‘thud, boom, and thump’ sound in the music I listened to. No one told me that it was a drum making that sound. I never unders
  • Rape and Immoral Practices
    Rozarim WolengStormy slogans such as “Death to the rapist!” and “Life sentence to the’ rapist!” were shouted following rape cases. Rapes, amidst a Christianity professing community each followed by a
  • Original fakes
    Al NgullieIt’s great that Adam and Eve hadn’t to worry if some fashion house might be trying to manufacture a cheap, fake version of the fig leaves which hung precariously on the two. Ok God was original en
  • Women with byte: Technology runs Her world
     Atongla RothrongThe women have changed once more. And this time she did it while you were sleeping. From our grandmas who were scared to turn the volume on the radio and our moms who were content choosing
  • Adventures of the Faint-hearted in Patkai
    Al NgullieThere’s nothing like wrestling down the Editor so you can grab the juiciest assignment on the reporting register instead of sweating out for those mind-deadening political assignments. Ok, here’s
  • Heart Head Person
    Atongla RothrongAre you a heart person or a head person? This is a question you would do well to ask yourself. When you are caught in the crossfire between your heart and your head, stay moored and calm. Whethe
  • Sanctioning pollution
    Standhope VarahSometimes ago, some village boys daunted one pastor Mingthing saying, “Does Bible really object bedding with beautiful women, wine, cigarettes or drugs?” Pat came the pastor’s simple reply,
  • The Three Amigo’s at it again
    Atongla RothrongIt was a night, it was such a night, cruising along, free of tension, apartness was out and togetherness was in. Hot blood, Cool cucumber and Chirpy couldn’t wait to get on the road again. Wer
  • A walk through the alleys of Senapati town
    Daniel DhoveeIt would be prudent to avoid the alleys of Senapati town but I would not resist myself from walking through it occasionally. It offers ample thought for proper sanitation. It winds round through al
  • SSi Education- A brief profile
    SSi... The Beginnings Forecasting the demands of the industry, SSi (Software Solutions Integrated) was founded in 1991. Today, SSi Limited has established itself as a strong National brand with their Educa
  • Five Minutes with Innocence
    Jungtina JamirSometime back Friend and I went to get a story for the paper. Let’s just say we went some place where we may not visit often or for that matter, find a reason to go. Each and every one of us has
  • To Enid, with love
    Thannganing HungyoWhatever happened to good ol’ Enid Blyton’s books? As children, I remember fondly, how on long, lazy summer afternoons, we savoured drifting through the pages of her imaginatively blended
  • A fishy day out
    Al NgullieDouble Hallelujah for my cool Boss! After a week filled with sweat and deadline-chasing, everyone here in the office got treated to 3-hours of fun. The surprise, sudden as it sounded then, landed only