• My self-proclaimed Ethnic friend
    Atongla RothrongCouple of nights ago, I was having a conversation on the phone with a bosom buddy of mine who is on a long hibernation hiatus from his busy work schedule. It began this way “Hey man! Long time
  • As in, Psycho killer?
    Jungtina JamirMy life was a nightmare. I had just gotten off of a plane after four hour flight to the city where I would be staying with my uncle. He is one of those uncomplicated but scary type who believes in
  • Love, not actually
    ThanthanOne fine Monday morning she came breezing in and virtually knocked the wind out of my bags. Now I’m not one of those guys who easily fall to what others call first love. But she was just too alluring
  • How is your mood today?
    Nehemiah RongMany people start their day by reading Scriptures and Prayers called ‘Quite Time’. Beginning their day with devotion and meditation gives them strength of the day. That’s how they can survive
  • Cake, poison, Naga mice and governor’s award
    Jungtina  JamirIt all started on a foggy Saturday evening. Not foggy in the conventional sense. An ominous black haze crept straight out of the ether to envelop our house. And suddenly, out of the haze app
  • Reminiscing Childhood
    Vishii Rita KrochaYears have swiftly passed me by even before i knew where i stand now. Its funny how as a child we couldn’t wait to grow up, be on our own feet and face the harsh world, not realising the won
  • Female of the species are deadlier than….?
    Al Ngullie International Women’s Day always reminds me of my own limitations as a man: every time Mom leaves for Kohima, you can be sure cooking my own dinner also means my kitchen would later be standin
  • Woodland hideaway
    Romeo GangmeiEver heard of a town or city that boasts of scenic hills with charming weather, beautiful flora and fauna? Your experience begins the moment you leave Himachal Pradesh and moves towards northern In
  • The Soul Food
    Atongla RothrongMusic has been around for thousands of years. Music appeals to everyone. When was the last time you have heard someone say, “I hate all music.”? Lately though music has been criticized for c
  • How to devour a luxury hotel in two days
    Al Ngullie Come to think of it, I have been fortunate enough to have visited countries like Bangkok, Switzerland, the United States and my favorites, Sweden and Thailand. I visit these countries every nigh
  • Satire
    Jungtina JamirIN THE BEGINNING:You’ll take up a hobby and get so good at it that people will admire you without knowing who you are. For me, I could take up computers. I did.  I learned “how-to- g
  • A Tepid day
    Jungtina JamirI wake up in the A.M; rub my eyes as I walk barefoot around the house looking for my tea cup. “Where did I keep it?”.  About 8 minutes later I find it in the kennel. My dogs found somethi
  • Movies... Is it ?
    Botoking“Fight and you may die, Run and you’ll live… least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now. Would you be willing to trade all the days, from this day to that. For one chance, just
  • Firing up a journalist
    Al NgullieOne late evening last month, after another hectic day hogging every available telephone and torturing the PC keyboard for next morning’s headlines, we guys here in the office settled down for a grat
  • ‘Is sibling rivalry just another name for LOVE?’
    Atongla RothrongDon’t we all come to this world as guests—constantly striving to find the golden rule of a successful affinity with everybody and everything we come across? From birth to death a person’s
  • “Year of the Farmers”
    Vishii Rita KrochaThis sight of fresh, fresh fruits that I see and savor on it frequently, if not everyday, these green vegetables that are good for almost everything, the rice that we consume everyday.......So
  • A cry over the vanishing past at Longleng
    T Henthai PhomLongleng once a home of the peace loving, trust worthy and hardworking. Tranquility prevailed in the air. It was paradise to the weary soul. Children loved playing in the open spaces, danced in th
  • An oasis in the midst of human vice
    Susan Waten NagaWhat do orphaned children and offspring’s of wine sellers, vegetable vendors, flesh sellers and traders, domestic servants, cattle rearers and daily laborers do? Where do they go? Surely there
  • A good woman makes a man good
    R.K.LothaWomen are wiser than men, because they are more understanding. Men are the head of the house, they cannot bring happiness to the household, which must rest with women and it is their greatest privilege
  • Dear Diary....
    Vishii Rita KrochaIf there’s one friend who never grows tired of listening, who’s there when you want to speak your heart out and who’s just more than willing to share your burdens or joys, its the never