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  • On Army recruitment
    Rejoinder to PRO, Ministry of Defence, Kohima and BRO, Rangapahar on corruption in Army RecruitmentThe Army Policy conducting recruitment affairs which was published in the esteemed newspaper, the Nagaland Post
  • Nagas’ Legitimate Rights
    Brief Reflection on Oil Exploration in NagalimOn being convinced that exercising our rights over the land and its resources, traditional practices and customary law, in letter and spirit bringing into realizati
  • Let me bury my alibis
    Noel ManuelPerfection comes to those who learn from their failures and not depend on their excuses. Everybody desires to be perfect in anything and everything we do. And to perfect this perfection we strive to
  • Senseless fratricidal killings
    Zakie Khate One-day future generation of Nagas will look back at the present times and say that it was one of the darkest periods in the Naga History. They would say that the present time was the most sens
  • Memorandum to the Chief Engineer, Sewak
    ToThe Chief EngineerSewakNagaland : KohimaSub: Submission of memorandum in regards to ongoing Kiphire – Lukhami road construction.Sir,We the undersigned elders on behalf of the Kiphire Districts as per meetin
  • It is courage that counts
    T R ZeliangSports in particular directly signify the participation and importance of the youth of today. What they achieve in the field usually trickles down to the mindset of the populace, since any society, e
  • Domestic violence against women
    Domestic violence against women by men is a shameful phenomenon. But pretty ironically, I daresay, more shameful phenomenon is this most of instances of the atrocities on women originates from women itself. But
  • Taxing Taxes
    This article is written solely to express our anguish and disgust at the way we have to part with our hard earned money at the hands of the so called national workers and hope that they see things from the othe
  • Politics of Care – Why Gendered Governance?
    Toshimenla JamirNagaland state boasts of having produced the first lady MP in the form of Rano Shaiza in 1977 from the entire North- East. Since then, however, not a single woman has made entry into either the
  • Questions raised on the NPSC scam
    The attempted bribery scam in NPSC was the talk of the town in 2005. Many charges were leveled against the NPSC followed by clarifications from the NPSC. I used to compromise myself from taking seriously over t
  • Introduction of Motor Vehicle Act 19988 – A Correction
    I was delighted to read the introduction of Motor Vehicle Act 1988 to the public by one K C Angami in your 23rd October issue. I quite appreciate the public interest and welfare concern he has shown on varying
  • Personal opinion towards adverse campaigns on Naga political dialogue
    Today an average Naga may be wondering what is the progress of the political dialogue between Government of India (GoI) and Nagas...9 years, what is the outcome??One has to consider that the Naga society is inf
  • Reconciliation through Education
    Aly OuattaraFour years after a military and political crisis d ivided the education system of Cote d’Ivoire, the country has finally found a way to make all schools begin their academic year at the same time
  • Our humble appeal to Naga leaders and public
    During the last 50 (fifty) years struggle with the Indian Army, the Nagas had signed the first cease fire with the GoI in 1964 and it ended in 1967 without any tangible result being found between the two entiti
  • Headhunting: not a myth
    JohnkhudoIn all societies that have come under the sway of colonialism in the past, the perception constructed by those colonized against the perceived colonizers in the post-colonialism is always tended to be
  • ‘The Silent Crime – Domestic Abuse’
    Elizabeth ImtiPh.D Sociology, JNU, DelhiOver the last two decades, gender based violence has emerged as one of the most public health problems facing women. An understanding of gender reality over the years rev
  • Open letter to Director of School Education, Nagaland
    ToThe DirectorSchool Education, NagalandSub: Please release teachers’ salaries for the sake of Phom studentsSir,With our deepest concern, we would like to share with you the story of untold miseries and suffe
  • What India is upto in division of Naga politics
    Achan RamsanAs the current talk is for the birth of Nagalim and under process, a comparison drawn between India and Nagalim as put into two different contexts with different approach, agreement, arrangement and
  • More about shame in uniform
    Kezungulo-U KromeHuman Rights and Law Division, YouthNetAs citizens well-acquainted with the policing pattern of the Indian Reserve Battalion, reports of their high-handedness, sadly, does not surprise us anymo
  • Let me cure my failures
    Noel ManuelNobody has ever succeeded, without having actually failed, because failure is the first step on the flight of stairs leading to the door of success. We are constantly exposed to various situations in