• Green Cash
    Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio’s message on the ‘interdependence of man and nature’ needs to be given due attention bearing in mind the responsibility of man to preserve nature and his environment. In this ba
  • Reinventing NPMHR
    Comparing to the rest of the world, the program to commemorate International Human Rights Day on December 10 organized by the Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) was a small affair confined to a conf
  • Common Heritage
    The Sixth Annual Hornbill Festival ended with yet another colorful extravaganza at the Naga Heritage Complex, Kisama Village on December 7. The decision taken last year by the DAN government to extend the perio
  • No other Option
    The necessity to create a viable and secure political, social, cultural and economic environment that would allow people to exercise their rights continues to be the primary essence of peoples’ movement, the
  • Is human right possible?
    Notions and principles of self-worth and dignity have been the touchstone of human progression. Principles of human rights were elucidated as a common heritage and inherent right of all peoples and nations when
  • Re-thinking education
    The process of addressing problems of education could possibly begin with an understanding that no education is neutral nor is the student the primary beneficiary. Micere Mugo reminds us that: “education is o
  • Probity in NPSC
    The last minute decision of the State government to immediately appoint a High Power Committee (HPC) to study the entire gamut of the functioning of the Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC) has no doubt av
  • Lack of political courage?
    The dormant contradicting position of the Indian state in relation to its external affairs and internal affairs has become visibly more apparent especially in the last few years. Prior to the end of the cold wa
  • Horizon Beyond
    As Nagaland observed the 43rd Anniversary of its Statehood Day on December 1 Friday last, the future course of the State’s polity remains in doubt for several reasons. While there are countless number of chal
  • Territorial Integrity is not the end
    The issues surrounding the question of territory has since the emergence of the modern state been a matter of state sovereignty and in accordance of such a parochial perception, ensured that the manner in which
  • Struggle and Pursuit
    The formation of modern state has led to two contradicting phenomenon: the struggle for rights, and the pursuit for power. While it is fundamental to recognize the relation between rights and power as interdepe
  • People’s Choice
    As the Wednesday issue (November 29) of The Morung Express (both print and web editions) made its way into people’s home both across the State of Nagaland and beyond, a sense of awakening among cross section
  • Appeal to NSCNs
    The spate of factional killings spread across the Naga homeland during this year has become a matter of serious concern more so as violence has taken a tribal hue. Unless there is an immediate stop to this thou
  • Accountability
    As Nagas commemorate together another World AIDS Day, it is worthwhile for us to reflect and critically assess whether we have Stopped AIDS, and Kept the Promises made in year gone by. Surely, we will find ther
  • History repeats itself
    The existence of Indigenous peoples and their right for self-determination has and still continues to pose a moral and political dilemma to the question of state legitimacy. Tragically, states and their respect
  • Dialogue between Monologues
    At the just recently concluded Summit of the Powerless organized by Tehelka, an alternative newspaper, under the theme Two Indias One future, Tehelka contributed to the process of getting the various voices on
  • Renewal
    How does one construct the memories of yesterday which is the past; how does one engage with today that is the present; and how does one prepare to stand face to the mysteries of tomorrow? Perhaps the underpinn
  • Opaque Sight
    The NPF led Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) Government is once again under pressure from two powerful constituency—the Naga Students Federation (NSF) and the Nagaland Contractors and Suppliers Union (NC
  • Harm Reduction
    The community event jointly organized by CAD Foundation and Prodigal’s Home under the noble theme ‘Celebrating Life’ addressing the problem of drug abuse confronting Naga society is a step in the right di
  • Hope is NOT a strategy!
    It continues to be the deep felt anguish and yearning of the Nagas to move from a point of uncertainty to stability and from fragile peace to one where sustainable peace is with dignity. The challenge of course