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  • Crying voice of Kalhang village
    NgathingjhuiThere are about 230 villages in TangkhuI Naga territory. Each village is being ruled or headed by a village chief called headman (awunga) which means angh/king.when a village was first discovered, t
  • Render unto Cong, NSCN’s what is their’s
    Bendang AierOf late, the burning issue in the political circles of Nagaland, as is apparent in the local media reports in the last few days, is the speculation of the return of SC Jamir, Governor of Goa to Naga
  • Nagaland requires generational change in politics
    Kedi HaraluThe next General Elections which is just behind the corner, is going to be rather interesting, since there are quite a few new players entering the Arena plus they are all educated and well versed wi
  • Pleasure of stupidity
    Medowe  KapfoA majority of people believe that stupidity will lead us nowhere. For them it is the worst possible condition in which to spend one’s life, and if possible, it should be completely avoided.
  • Deadly trinity of Naga society
    The world of the present Naga Society we live today is caught in the web of Politics and Bureaucracy (PBB). This so called is a fatal triangle and poisonous to the Democratic Society like the venom of cobra to
  • Facts of NCS and allied service Preliminary Examination, 2007 conducted by the NPSC
    The objective of every public service commission is to recruit officers based on merit through competitive examination. The official appointed or selected becomes the backbone of the state mechanism. And theref
  • Nagaland and its handicapped society
    What is the problem with Nagaland? Everywhere one looks, there seems to be a problem. Everytime I get out of the house & travel on the roads of Dimapur, I get depressed as well as my food gets digested. Not
  • Road recipe
    Y Merina ChishiI love the taste of vinegar in Chinese and that of masala in Indian food. The recipes for these delicacies are not hard to come by and there are plenty of eateries that serve Chinese and Mughalai
    Jelitoli I. SwuWe live amidst cumulative danger and emergent opportunities as well and we are in constant consternation. The desire to be shackles-free, to be identified, to find a place for ourselves in a soci
  • What ails our democracy! The Naga prospect
    Through a succession of trials and tribulations and pressures from within and without, oursdemocmcy has survived all these momentous years. Its inherent strength is derived from such institutions as Legislative
  • Poll talk: Let your vote make a difference!
    Kedi HaraluLife is such an unpredictable entity, for fate intervenes when one least expects it plus it affects the last person you thought of, on earth, but it just shows how powerful our Creator is and if his
  • Education: It’s idealism
    Our State once again will celebrate the Teachers Day, to not only commemorate the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan but also honour all the teaching faculties of our schools, colleges, Universities and
  • History as a Factor in Nagaland Elections
    Sushanta Talukdar Source: Frontline Congress party ki di sePresident rule packageArmy rule package di se(What has the Congress party given?President’s Rule package,Army rule package.)This compositio
  • In support of NSF’s demand
    Lanu AoWhile the Government of Nagaland has acted callously, it is heartening to see our young children displaying maturity and far sightedness in their demands pertaining to two vital issues, namely, the funct
  • Some Reflections Elections in Naga Hills
    U A ShimrayElection mood in Naga Hills at the moment. Recently, Manipur Government announced Manipur District Council election date [probably 18 April 2008] after more than one decade. In Nagaland, 13,00,507 vo
  • Wet election in dry Nagaland
    The other day I saw a group of unsteady youngsters with bottles on the street. The peep of my bike created no reaction, instead they stopped me and asked; “apni kun laga party ase?” I said, Bal Thackeray.
  • Abuse of customary privileges vis-à-vis elections in Mokokchung district
    T. Nungsang AoIt is rightly said that elections in Nagaland had betrayed and desecrated every value we Nagas held dear in the past. Elections have ruined family and social amity and harmony, created satanic inf
    Wati Aier“There is no greater power on earth than an idea whose time has come,” were the words of Victor Hugo. Today, the time has come for the Nagas. From all comers, the passionate cry expresses the desir
  • Indo-Naga talks
    Simranjit Singh Mann Any fool would have predicted that the talks (peace) the NSCN-1M were having with the Indian’s had floundered. Its been India’s policy to carry on and prolong any talks with any na
  • OF DIALOGUE AND CHANGE: Challenges for Revolutionary Transformation
    CR BijoyFramework for Dialogue and ChangeFramework for Dialogue: Issues in philosophy and politicsSectarianism prevents creative dialogue and debate preventing the progressive development of understanding of re