Weekly Poll Result

  • Are the Nagas really serious and sincere about reconciliation?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    I think Nagas are serious and sincere about reconciliation. I dont think that can be questioned. At the same time, the amount of blood spilled has been too much and for too long. There is just too much of suspicion and anger. This is what is making it difficult and so it sometimes makes us question the reconciliation process. I feel they are serious but are finding it hard to find an agreement because they have
  • Do you think Nagas are superstitious by nature?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Yes, though Christianity came into Naga society more than a 100 years ago, its funny to see that Nagas are still quite superstitious by nature•    Yes. Nagas tend to be superstitious. Inspite of our Christian education and upbringing, the primordial tendency has not waned off at all. So there is a mix blend of Christianity and Superstitious approach to life.•    Yes, ev
  • Does the presentation of the State Budget matter to you?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    All those who care and want Nagaland state to develop must keep a close watch on the budget because the quality of the budget will determine how the development policy will be approached. We all want development in our state but we don’t care too much for the budget and this is the problem. We need to participate in budget discussions and keep the government to its budget policies so that Nagaland develop
  • Can the younger Naga generations overcome divisive politics?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    In addition to cultural ties, they are more connected by common languages, common interests, and modern lifestyle. As they have also become witnesses of the evils of factionalism and tribalism, they want something different.•    But only if they learn 'Right to vote' as one person one vote.•    The younger Naga generation are the children of the Naga National movement a
  • Are Naga intellectuals contributing new thoughts and ideas to the society?
    Some of those who voted YES had this to say:•Yes, there are a few sensible wise Nagas who use their intellectual capacity to make a difference in Naga society. Take for instance the fight against climate change or for that matter the Naga reconciliation process are all contributions that are being made meaningfully by individuals who have the intellectual capacity to think against the wave.•The educated group of Nagas can contribute much more and they should be more honest
  • Do you support the High level Naga Reconciliation meet among Naga political groups?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Yes, this is the only way for the reconciliation process to move forward. The last 3 years have seen some unimaginable changes because of the reconciliation process, but to bring a reconciliation agreement, they have all said that the highest level meeting is a must. So what are the top leaders waiting for? I hope they are not expecting a red carpet. I hope they realize that most Nagas want them to reconcile so
  • Are free and fair elections in Nagaland possible in the near future?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Yes, free and fair elections in Nagaland will one day become a reality when the election system becomes a Naga electoral process. Right now the Indian system of elections will not work because people's sentiments are against it but once the election system in Nagaland becomes a Naga election system than people will support it and will do the best.•    Only when real patriotism--love of one'
  • Is Nagaland govt doing anything to bridge the gap between rich and poor?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    I think at a policy level, the DAN government has introduced policies which has the potential to confront the gap between rich and poor. Policies for entrepreneurs, youth and women are welcome but really its in the area of implementation that it is failing. So policy wise its a start, but implementation is miserable. The area of implementing policies is riddled with corrupt practices, money power and all kinds
  • Are you optimistic about the future of the Naga people?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    In the frustration of all that is happening, I must maintain my optimism for the future of the Naga people, otherwise we are doomed. I have given up hope on the older generation because they are stuck to their own past and are very selfish because they are not giving any hope for the younger generation. But when I see the young Nagas today, I am confident and hopeful that they will lead the Naga people out of t
  • Will the lifting of PAP help tourism grow in Nagaland?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    Yes it may help tourism grow in Nagaland, but unless there are safeguards in place put by the government of Nagaland, this new policy may just boomerang. There are adverse effects caused by unplanned and bad tourism policy and this should be tackled at the earliest.•    The lifting of PAP is a welcome move. At least people wanting to visit Nagaland can come freely without any hassles. I don
  • Will Naga Reconciliation between the political groups be achieved in 2011?
    Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:•    I think there is a good possibility of some real progress being made. But I wish the FNR would be more assertive in their approach. It is time that their kind glove attitude must be changed with some tough glove approach. Also the Naga public cannot remain silent. The public must come out strongly in the open and really push forward to the extent of saying that they will not support any group which is against r